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2 years ago

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my ad is for a man, preferably as part of a pordeo loving couple asked me to take anal for the first time. I was hopeful, but do not expect to get sexual response. " come to our house and what you pordeo say. We will fulfill your fantasy, but you have to turn before we have fulfilled our ultimate fantasy of anonymous sex will not get if they speak and what we want. Not violate or brand. my ​​instinct was to leave and only, but my wish me otherwise and I made ​​an appointment. the day had arrived. I with a mixture of pleasure and trembling uncertainty. bite the bullet took my heart wrapped and at the door of the old pordeo house that had previously directed. appeared after a brief pause, a man in his forties, about six foot toned and muscular. commanded my silence and told me Follo. I was in the basement, and a huge games room. may be described in a giant plasma screen adorned a wall playing a movie about a man chained to a table in the well and truly oiled his jailer. theLino floor was covered with soft, chains adorned the walls and ceiling, and various toys were in evidence. The elaborate escape instinct in me, but something told me I was an expert in the way of hands. I was surprised when the man took off his shirt and arms tied with Velcro handcuffs, before including a string and I lay on the roof. leave if he wanted ? I dare not ask you if the risk entirely. had fallen pordeo a bandage over his eyes stopped and everything seemed blocked. the tone of the film were drowned the noise of the room with the sound of a man's ass is beaten again and again, and the receiver as a result of gasps and pants. I felt fingers undoing his pants sent and made me undress. I was nervous when my hard cock gave the first leg, dripping a trail of precum from the tip. should look attractive because they pordeo include a pair of lips on the end that he felt and lick my slot. A gnarled hand slid back the foreskin andtongue gently to confirm

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